Places to See in Western Iowa

If you are planning a vacation to western Iowa, coming for a family reunion or for any other reason, and are interested in checking out some of the unique attractions the area has to offer, we have provided a list with approximate times from Taylor Hill Lodge.

Albert the Bull:
Travel Time: 7 minutes
Albert the Bull was built in 1964, when this area was one of the largest cattle producing regions in America. Albert stands at 30 feet tall, and spans nearly 15 feet in length. Albert symbolizes the might and importance that cattle producing played in this region.

Danish Windmill:
Travel Time: 30 minutes
The Danish Windmill was originally built in 1848 in Denmark. But in 1975 the windmill was deconstructed and shipped to Elk Horn, where in 1976 it was reconstructed by town volunteers. The mill still grinds flour to this day. There is also a Danish museum near the windmill where you can learn more about the Danish heritage. For more information on the Danish windmill you can visit the Danish Windmill Website

German Hausbarn
Travel Time: 20 minutes
The German Hausbarn located in Manning, IA is a 350 year old Hausbarn from Offenseth, Germany. It was dismantled in 1996 and shipped to Iowa. In 1997 the groundbreaking celebration took place featuring Princess Elisabeth of Ysenburg and Büdigen and Princess of Schlewsig-Holstein, Sonderburg und Glücksburg as honorable guests. In 1999 Martin Peter Hansen arrived from Germany to begin construction , along with a few professional thatchers for the roof. The hausbarn is open for tours.
Information on the Hausbarn

Henry Doorly Zoo
Travel Time: 1hr 30mins
This zoo located in Omaha, Nebraska (right on the Iowa-Nebraska border) is one of the largest and most impressive zoos in the country. Featuring a special aquatic area where you are taken straight through a giant aquarium, the worlds largest indoor desert, an enormous Imax theater, and one of the nations largest cat complexes. All of this makes Henrly Doorly Zoo a great travel destination. More information can be found on the Henry Doorly Zoo website

Iowa State Fair
Travel Time: 1hr 30mins
If you happen to be lucky enough to be visiting Taylor Hill Lodge during fair time, you are in for a real treat! The Iowa State Fair which began in 1854, is arguably the best fair in the entire nation. Where as some of the largest and most fierce livestock competitions in the world. To find out more of what you can do and see at the fair, or to check out upcoming dates visit The Iowa State Fair Website